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About Us

We all have one thing in common in that we all spent some or all of our secondary education at Boroughmuir High School.

This website is all about reliving those school memories and building a lasting platform to capture school memories for future generations of pupils. It will only be as good as the input it receives so please let us have your comments and views as well as any useful suggestions to improve the site.

We intend to publish an annual Magazine/Newsletter to keep members informed of events, FP Club activities, reunions and alumni news. So please use the Contact Us menu to let us have any news that you would like to have included.

The FPA will be a resource for the following aspirations:-

  1. Keeping FPs informed about school and FP Club events and potentially providing   recruits for the latter through its website and annual newsletter.
  2. Enabling a platform for FP Year Group communications from all over the world.
  3. Providing practical career guidance and work experience opportunities for current attending pupils.
  4. Source for school prize sponsorship/awards.
  5. Outlet for legacies, donations from FPs, their families and friends.
  6. Helping the School in any way that both parties jointly deem fit.