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Membership Application Details

Anyone who has attended Boroughmuir High School for any length of time, any member or former member of staff is eligible to choose this way of keeping in touch with the School and former school-mates, and ensuring that the spirit of the School lives on.
Membership entitles you to a copy of the FPA Magazine, "Old School Ties", which will be sent to your home address. Copies will also be available electronically, if preferred. Membership will also entitle you to attend the AGM in May each year, our annual Burns Supper and discounted rates at events organised throughout the year. The Association intends to form clubs/societies, depending on demand and participation, as well as occasional social functions open to members and their partners. Members from all over the world are welcome.
Overseas Members
For those members residing overseas, please send subscription fees in sterling denominated cheques or cash, preferably in pounds as otherwise transaction costs will be greater than the subscription.
Currently the annual membership fee is £10 on joining and renewable on the 1st February each year. The fee is reviewed annually by the Management Committee.
How to Apply
Please download new member application form below, fill it in and send it together with your subscription, made payable to Boroughmuir FPA, to our Secretary at the address at the bottom of this form. We now have online banking facilities for payment and a Standing Order option. If you would like to pay by S.O. please download and complete the relevant form below and send to your bank or building society. We still need the personal details on the application form though to set up your membership account.
How to Renew your Membership
Please download the renewal form below and follow the instructions thereon or complete the Standing Order form below and send to your bank or building society. 
Changes to your Membership details
Should any of your personal circumstances change please inform us as soon as possible in order that we may update our records.