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1940 - 1949

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harlotte June Harkins (Porteous)


Lookng for classmates from 1948 - 1950

    05 Dec 2015 07:25:56 PM 

Robert Davidson

Looking for my Classmates from 1a2,2a2 and 3a2, 1943 to 1946.

Where are they now?   Ages will now be 83/84.

    25 Sep 2015 01:45:29 PM 


Was in boroughmuir school in 1970to1974 does any one Remember me

    27 May 2015 02:25:05 PM 

Dugald McCallum


Was only a pupil for two years in 1A6 and 2A5. Does anyone remember me?

    10 Mar 2014 01:27:22 PM 

John E Kirkwood Livingston Village

Now approaching 5th Mini-Reunion with Jim Mercer, now including Valerie Trollope, Kathleen Mathieson, Andrew Lauder, John Geekie from 3B4 1952 & Shirley Travis from 1C1 1949. Looking for anyone else who wants to join us.

    14 Dec 2013 08:14:55 PM 

Robert Veitch 3b3 1946-49

Happy days.  I've never ever met anyone from the dear old place but would love to hear from anyone in my year.  How did we all turn out?

    13 Nov 2013 02:08:34 PM 

Margaret (Rita) More , now. Crawford 

Played for the first X1 for three years and would love to hear from anybody in the hockey fraternity but would really like to hear from the boys in the rugby team xxx