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1970 - 1979

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1970 to 1979 Year Group Forum

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    28 Dec 2015 11:19:54 PM 

George (Jaffa) Taylor

Anybody out there remember me? Happy days from 1974-1978

    26 Oct 2015 06:28:59 PM 

Yvonne Maclean(Black)

Happy Days

    28 Sep 2015 08:10:06 AM 

Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE

Hi Gary, contact me on the dedicated mail site boroughmuir7079@gmail for class of 77 and the decade Group for 71 - 77 and I can inform you further on the weekend, Dowell Manson and Robin Harper were with us on the Sunday.

Hope to hear from you and anyone else who left in the 70's decade, regards Dougie.

    27 Sep 2015 10:54:28 PM 

Garry stenhouse

Is there anyone who remembers me i was there 1975 - 1979 mr Manson was my teacher went to the open day this week a real trip down memory lane but no pictures of the 70s anyone got any memories 

    27 Sep 2015 06:16:45 PM 

Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE

A huge thank you to everyone from the decade of 1970 - 1979 who attended the Open Doors weekend at the School, what a fantastic response from you. All of you are a credit to Boroughmuir in the way you shared, talked about and reminist your experiences. There will be a feature on the Weekend, so keep connected and let others who could not be there know of your visit and the ongoing work of tthe Former Pupils Association.

    26 Sep 2015 11:01:26 PM 

Kanta singh 

Was in boroughmuir high school  1970 to 1974 would love to hear from any one who rembers me 

    23 Sep 2015 05:14:47 PM 

Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE

We are pleased to announce that Robin Harper, our ever popular Modern Studies Teacher, will be attending the The Open Doors weekend on Sunday the 27th of September from 10.00 till 16.00, Robin will be there for the whole day.

Thanks to you all for the great response to our Facebook page for Class reunion of 1977 and the FPA website, please keep connected for further information, updates on events, features and our reunion.

    16 Sep 2015 09:13:43 PM 

Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE

We recognise that for those who are not on social media sites following the launch of our Facebook page for Class of 77 reunion and the 70 -79 year group there is now a live e mail  that contact, information and details can be sent to in addition to our Facebook page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

    15 Sep 2015 09:48:40 PM 

Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE

Thanks to all the former pupils of Class Year of 1977 and teachers for getting in touch and responding to our Facebook book page, a big thank you for all the advice and guidance from Ken Edwards, Douglas Johnston the support from David Dempster in helping us get started. 

Keep the contacts and the contributions coming in   - it's your Class year, with lots of memories and reunited friendships.

Don't forget we have also have an email that can be used as well for contacts and receiving any new info you want to share

    13 Sep 2015 10:50:01 PM 

Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE

Following the previous post on the launch of the Facebook page and associated links for the Class of 1977 within the decade group of 1970 - 1979, this page is now open and live. We will keep you up to date with us much information, details and content in conjunction with special features and news on our year and the 2017 reunion, to be held in June of that year, we expect to meet up before then. Please join us, sign up and keep connected with your fellow class mates and keep these memories and contributions coming in.

regards to you all, Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE

    05 Sep 2015 01:28:22 PM 

Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE

With the date fast approaching for your last tour round the School before moving to the new site at the bottom end of Viewforth, the final weekend in Septmber 2015 should produce a good turnout of former pupils. Anyone from the year groups of 1970 to 1979 are welcome and bring along anyone else who attended the school in this or any other timescale. In particular we would be keen to hear from those of you from Class of 1977, it is anticipated that prior to a fortieth reunion in 2017, we meet up before this as numbers develop. There are further developments on this year group in the pipeline with a Facebook link due to open soon, look out for information in local and community news outlets.

    05 Jul 2015 04:41:13 AM 

Douglas J A Roxburgh MBE 1971  - 1977

It is anticipated that there will be a reunion of those from the class of 77 in 2017 to mark the fortieth anniversary of leaving Boroughmuir. This was initially discussed by those of this year group who attended the School open weekend in Sept. 2013. If there are any former pupils from this year group who wish to meet up, add to the numbers interested in a reunion and wish to join the Boroughmuir FPA then please let us know, it would be great to hear from you.

    31 May 2015 12:30:55 AM 

Yvonne Delaney nee bruce

Maureen cochrane  where are you now ?

    28 Jan 2015 12:22:24 PM 

1970 - 1976

Happy memories!

    03 Aug 2014 05:00:25 PM 

Richard Pegg

At Boroughmuir 1971-77.

1F4 [Bryson Rd annex] , 2L  [Gillespie Rd annex] then Viewforth.

Nice to hear from anyone.

    25 May 2014 12:20:07 AM 

Moira Smith

I haven't seen or heard from anyone in my year since I left Boroughmuir at the end of 4th year  1972.  Where are you all?  Would love to hear you news.

    22 Apr 2014 12:22:13 PM 

Jennifer Neumann (Schellhas)

I attended in 1979 while my father was on sebatical from the United States. I will be in Edinburgh this year and was hoping to touch base with anyone that I attended Boroughmuir with during that year! 

    26 Nov 2013 11:28:09 AM 

Ken Edwards